We have helped keep homes warms across the Lothians for over 40 years.
We supply firewood to suit your needs for all seasons
Our logs have warmed homes, fuelled barbecues, cooked pizzas, and brought life to many firepits and chimeneas.
Our aim is to make sure our many customers keep returning for years to come, and to welcome many more of you for now and the future.

We stock a range of firewood to suit your needs. We have logs that are kiln dried, fully seasoned and semi seasoned to meet your preference. Choose hardwood or softwood logs and make sure to get a good stock of kindling too.

Our logs are supplied in small sacks, bulk bags or loose on our tippers
We have fire starter kits too – with kindling and firelighters included delivered to your door.
We have small sacks of logs available to purchase online or call for any other orders

Kiln dried Hardwood

Bulk BagBuilders Bag£90.00
Net BagSmall sack 10 to 12 logs£5.50
Fire Starter Kit5 nets of logs, Large bag of kindling, firelighters & kindling£45.00
Ten Nets Offer10 nets of logs, 2 Large bag of kindling, firelighters & kindling £82.00
20 Nets offer20 nets of logs, 2 Large bag of kindling, firelighters & kindling £140.00

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Seasoned / semi-seasoned hardwood

Bulk BagBuilders Bag£70.00
1/2 tipper loadApproximately volume is 1 1/2 builders bags£135.00
Full tipper loadApproximately volume is 2 1/2 builders bags£240.00

Seasoned Softwood

Bulk Bag Builders Bag £55.00