Lothian Logs - delivering firewood to Edinburgh and the Lothians

Fencing and other Services

We do much more than just deliver your firewood.

Our standard delivery is on to the kerb at your address but we are happy to carry the logs to where you want them and stack them for you - we will advise on a good place to store them to make sure they are in best condition for burning. Our rates start at £13.00 per man hour so it's very affordable.

Log stacking

£13.00 per man hour (minimum charge £13.00)

Fencing work

We offer a very competitive service for supplying and erecting fences. Any size and style.
Ask us to quote!

Tree removal and pruning.

We work alongside tree surgeons and can recommend one for you. We also clear up all the wood - even the smaller stuff we don't (can't) sell.

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