Lothian Logs - delivering firewood to Edinburgh and the Lothians

Firewood and kindling

We have a choice of logs to buy by volume.
You should always buy logs by volume and NEVER by weight. Wet logs weigh much more than dry ones.

If you want to stock up on unseasoned logs for next winter give Chris a call. We'll deliver them now and you can dry them at home.

Choose from Hard or soft wood, sacks, bulk bags or bulk loads.


Bulk Bag of seasoned hardwood logs £65.00 (+£10.00 delivery)
Free in some areas - please call
2 Bulk Bags of hardwood logs £120.00 saving £10.00
  and get FREE Delivery

A trailer of logs from Lothian Logs

Trailer load hardwood logs (approx 2 1/2 bulk bags)
£110.00 delivered within 10 road miles
Buy 2 trailers full for £200.00 saving £20.00

Sacks of hardwood logs for £6.00 per sack

SPECIAL OFFERS on net bags -- See our specials page for net bags of logs with free kindling

Sacks of kindling
£6.00 per sack (buy three to get a discount of £3.00)
That's 3 sacks for £15.00

logs from Lothian Logs

Our minimum order for FREE Delivery is £75.00

Bags of logs and loose logs (a boot full?) can be collected by appointment. Just call first to arrange a suitable time.

Payments are by cash on delivery.
Softwood logs can be paid for on-line (Using paypal)

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  • Logs for floral arrangements are also available.
  • We can supply timber for landscaping too!

Buy your December special nets of logs with paypal - or just call us.

Keep tuned for our Christmas trees coming any day now...

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